Resilience and Support from Others

What happens if you’re working to develop your resilience but you have a home life that isn’t conducive to it? A 2015 study of teenagers in war-torn northern Jordan who underwent resilience training showed that levels of the stress hormone cortisol moderated significantly although their social support levels didn’t strengthen. Those with supportive communities and… Read More

A Former POW on Relationships

The instructive clip below featuring Robert H. Shumaker, a prisoner of war in Vietnam who became a US Navy Rear Admiral, and the others in the playlist are from a PBS series that ran a few years ago. The episodes aren’t online but are available for purchase at the link below. Playlist link:

Know How Far to Go

If you’re a fitness fanatic then you’re probably aware of the concept of a target heart rate. It involves the idea that if you push yourself too hard physically, the benefits of exercise will be less than optimal. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is an analogous concept in psychology. Melody Wilding is a performance coach and licensed… Read More

Experts Interviewed

Jamie Aten, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Diaster Institute, is the author of the just-published book A Walking Disaster: What Surviving Katrina and Cancer Taught Me About Faith and Resilience. This month his blog is featuring discussions with prominent researchers about how resilience is related to the areas they study. The… Read More

Inverting Maslow’s Hierarchy

There’s a decent chance that you’re familiar with the concepts of self-actualization and Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, by which people strive to achieve their potential. In this talk, Dr. Lehan Stemmet, a New Zealand-based educator who also trains on resilience (see and check out the app), discusses brain development throughout life as well… Read More