Improving Resilience in the Workplace

As noted in a study described in a previous post, we have a better chance of being resilient when we we’re surrounded by supportive communities and family. We might expect that this effect would naturally exist in the workplace as well. The American Psychiatric Association’s Center for Workplace Mental Health promulgates resources regarding a variety… Read More

Mental Toughness Tips

Dr. Sean Richardson‘s current title is Chief Scientist at High Performance People in Sydney, which describes its vision as “Democratizing high performance learning in Australia and beyond.” A few years before assuming that role, though, he gave a speech that should serve to motivate anyone who wants to build resilience. Watch and listen to him… Read More

Pressure Makes Diamonds

I began my last post by acknowledging that we obviously wouldn’t seek tragedy in order to build resilience. However, there does exist a school of thought which says that putting ourselves in situations that test us to a lesser extent can help to build resilience. For more on this see the following article, written by… Read More

Good Advice

Ok, you’re not going to seek tragedy in order to become more resilient. However, today’s featured article contains general information from various psychologists that can benefit everyone regardless of whether tragedy has struck. Within it, I found particularly noteworthy a recommended practice for minorities that we should all consider applying: asking whether issues that arise… Read More

Resilience and Support from Others

What happens if you’re working to develop your resilience but you have a home life that isn’t conducive to it? A 2015 study of teenagers in war-torn northern Jordan who underwent resilience training showed that levels of the stress hormone cortisol moderated significantly although their social support levels didn’t strengthen. Those with supportive communities and… Read More